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If you are looking for previous board meeting minutes, you can reach out to the administrative assistant at 509.932.4499

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Grant County Hospital District No.5 board meetings are open to the public and are held from 6:30 to 7:30 pm every third Tuesday of each month at the Mattawa Community Medical Clinic located at 206 Government Rd, Mattawa, WA, 99349.

You may join these meetings via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 856 3179 4413
Passcode: 241670

Grant County Public Hospital District No.5 board meetings

July 16, 2024 Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2024 Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2024 Meeting minutes

April 16, 2024 meeting minutes

March 19, 2024 meeting minutes

February 20, 2024 meeting minutes

January 16, 2024 board meeting minutes

December 19, 2023 board meeting minutes

November 21, 2023 board meeting minutes

October 17, 2023 board meeting minutes

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